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How CBD Products could help with your Depression.

How CBD Products could help with your Depression.


 CBD Oil: A Cure for Depression

Did you know that, according to the American Psychiatric Association, one in fifteen adults is affected by depression every year, and one in six adults will be affected by it in their lifetime?

And while there are many different drugs out there that can be prescribed for depression, many of them come with negative and sometimes even severe side effects. So much so that it has even been causing people in recent years to search for a natural alternative that will help relieve their depression without all of the negative side effects.

And research is showing that CBD might do just that.


CBD and Depression: Could There Be a Natural Option?

 CBD Products could help with your Depression


What is Depression?


According to the Ministry of Hemp, “ Depression can be a predisposed condition (something you were born with) or brought on by an unfortunate event or trauma. Regardless of the cause, the symptoms of depression are often the same: feeling sad, loss of interest or pleasure in activities, changes in appetite, trouble sleeping, loss of energy, feeling worthless, and difficulty thinking, concentrating, or making decisions.


“While human neurochemistry plays a vital role, it is commonly debated that depression is caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain. Rather, Psychology Today argues, ‘regarding depression as “just” a chemical imbalance wildly misconstrues the disorder.’ Scientists agree that levels of neurotransmitters (i.e chemicals in our brains) are reduced during the depression, but this reduction is a symptom of depression rather than a cause.”



Seratonin and dopamine are two of the neurotransmitters that are affected during the depression.

And because serotonin and dopamine levels are affected by things like diet, exercise, mental state, and stress levels, there is research that supports the idea that some people who suffer from depression have reduced serotonin and dopamine levels. 


Stress Relief


 CBD and Depression: How CBD Can Help

Two recent studies uncovered the benefits of CBD oil with the symptoms of depression. 

The first study in 2011 showed that endocannabinoids (like CBD) are important regulators of stress responses. From this research, we can assume that cannabinoids such as CBD have the ability to regulate one’s response to stressful situations, even during the depression.

In the second study done in 2014, researchers discovered that at high concentrations, CBD directly activates a specific serotonin receptor and therefore causes an anti-anxiety effect.

While there are many testimonials and independent studies showing how CBD helped give relief to those suffering from depression, CBD is not a cure for depression itself. More research needs to be done before the CBD should be considered as an alternative to prescription medication.

But with that said, CBD is a great natural supplement that you can add to your self-care regimen to help handle your depression. 



CBD has been shown through research to have immense health benefits in treating mental health conditions like depression. 

And while CBD is not a cure for depression, it can significantly improve the quality of life of someone who is depressed.

Maybe you want to try out CBD for your depression? Check out our different CBD products and see which one is right for you!