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How CBD Products could help with your Depression.

How CBD Products could help with your Depression.     Did you know that, according to the American Psychiatric Association, one in fifteen adults is affected by depression every year, and one in six adults will be affected by it in their lifetime? And while there are many different drugs out there that can be prescribed for depression, many of them come with negative and sometimes even severe side effects....

CBD and the 2018 Farm Bill

So why were hemp's glory days cut short suddenly?

Business tycoons of the cotton, paper, lumber, and other industries began to realize that hemp was a huge threat to their businesses and they began to look for ways to overshadow hemp. And due to their lobbying efforts, unfair tax laws were put into place to make it extremely difficult for hemp farmers to grow and sell their hemp.

The different streams of media started to demonize cannabis in general, especially since marijuana had started to come over the border from Mexico, and cannabis of all kinds was fear-labelled with the assumption that any strain of cannabis would all get a person "high".

Cannabis was now being associated with a host of things that were against the social norms of the day, and all of its usefulness and benefit had been forgotten in the frenzy of fear-mongering.